ReneeCommissioner Renee Sutton Herzfeld - Chair

Chair Renee Sutton Herzfeld is the Executive Director of Community Child Care Council (4C’s) of Alameda County. As 4C’s Executive Director she is the chief officer over management and implementation of agency operations and programs which include the following: The Resource and Referral agency for southern Alameda County, an award winning national Child Health and Nutrition program, Child Care Payment programs which provide financial support to assist low income parents in accessing child care, Bright Future Early Learning Center in Oakland; and, 4C’s Annual Children’s Faire where the whole community comes together in the spirit of an old proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”

Renee has held adjunct faculty positions and taught Early Childhood Education courses at Chabot, Ohlone, and Merritt Colleges. She has served on the Alameda County Local Planning Council, and was State President for the California Child Development Administrators Association. Having served the community for the past 25 years she has gained considerable expertise in working with child development professionals at various levels. She is currently a member of the management team for the Hayward Promise Neighborhood.

Renee is passionately dedicated to achieving excellence within the organization she serves, as well as local, state and national efforts that ensure that children have environments and resources they need to be healthy and strong. She and her husband are delighted to be the parents of two daughters, Hannah and Liane.