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Why This Matters: CEO at Podium

Our work in Alameda County is strongly influenced by what happens at the state, regional, and national levels. Staying current, looking ahead, and participating in policy, advocacy, and communications initiatives are essential to all of our work. These activities help us to take advantage of emerging opportunities (such as health care reform, Race To The Top etc.), to support common agendas so we can speak with a stronger and more cohesive voice about children’s issues, and to build and sustain systems that support a variety of programs. We want to ensure that policy makers make informed decisions that put the interests of children and families where they belong: at the front of the line. 


What We are Doing:

At a time of shrinking public and private funding, advocating for policies and programs that promote the health and well-being of children during their most critical years of development is key to F5AC. We monitor key legislative and budget issues affecting early childhood systems and participate in local, state, and national policy efforts to promote our work and to learn from other innovative initiatives. F5AC and our partners will build on these opportunities to ensure that early childhood supports become essential parts of the community fabric and a valued, shared investment for every sector of our community. Read our Policy Brochure for more details.

Our Programs Supporting this Strategy: 

Early Connections 

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