Help Me Grow Volunteer Program









Volunteer to Help Kids Grow

Help Me Grow Alameda County promotes early child development so that all children can get the best start in life.  From infancy to kindergarten, Help Me Grow supports families with information, tools, and connection to early childhood supports and services to meet their needs. When parents have questions about their child’s development, learning or behavior, Help Me Grow has answers.  We have helped over 6,000 children in Alameda County grow! 

Make a Difference

In California, one out of every 4 children under age 6 is at moderate or high-risk for developmental, behavioral, or social delays.  When children are behind, it can impact their ability to be ready for kindergarten and succeed in school.  Locally, in Alameda County, approximately 55% of children entering kindergarten are not ready for school.

Help Me Grow is designed to increase early identification of delays and link families to needed community resources and intervention services.  Research shows that the earlier a child receives early intervention the better their outcomes will be – they will have higher school achievement, improved social skills, and greater well-being into adulthood. 

Get Involved

Help Me Grow Volunteers will not only will make a difference in a family’s life, but also have the opportunity to develop new skills, learn more about child growth and development, earn college credit, expand their professional networks, and more.












Volunteers support Help Me Grow in a variety of ways – possible activities include

  • Prepare developmental screening packets to be mailed or emailed to families
  • Score screening tools (the Ages and Stages Questionnaire – ASQ) and enter data into an online tracking system
  • Follow up with families to receive their completed ASQ
  • Prepare and mail screening results to families, physicians and child care providers
  • Participate in outreach efforts at health fairs, community events, and networking cafes
  • Assist with special projects such as researching child development information, gathering community organizations names, or mapping child development resources
  • Translate documents
  • Support Help Me Grow’s website and social media by researching and posting local community events and resources for families
  • Prepare materials for Help Me Grow trainings for pediatricians, providers, and parents
  • Data entry

Meet Our Volunteers







Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds but one thing in common – they believe in supporting children and families in our community.   

Judy has been working in the fields of public health nursing and early childhood for more than 35 years, at Bananas, Inc., UCSF California Childcare Health Program, Migrant Head Start, and Alameda County Health Department. Now that she is retired, she enjoys time with her 2 year old grandson and supporting early identification and screening at Help Me Grow.
Sheryl has been volunteering for Help Me Grow since February 2014. She enjoys helping out at the Connection Café events and other outdoor outreach events, as well as helping with much needed data entry. When not volunteering, she works for the Alameda County Library as a Jail’s Literacy Specialist. She works directly with county inmates and volunteer tutors to help inmates improve their reading and writing skills 
Cameron has been volunteering for Help Me Grow since December 2014 and believes early identification is super important for a healthy society. His goal with Help Me Grow is to learn about the early identification services that are available in his community and to get more involved.
Sandy is from Oakland and loves to do arts and crafts! She is very excited to be part of the Help Me Grow program by volunteering. She is sure that this experience will give her an opportunity to explore new insights for a further education towards her ideal career.  
Karina is volunteering for Help Me Grow because she wants to assist in making a greater future for children ages birth through five with developmental concerns. She is a Child and Adolescent Development major at San Jose State University and her coursework has given her a profound interest in serving children and families
Ingrid hails from the Atlantic coast and has been a virtual volunteer English/Spanish translator for Help Me Grow since 2014. Aside from being a professional translator, she is also an English and civics instructor. She greatly enjoys translating and teaching because she continuously learns new perspectives on life and nuances of several languages, not to mention, a little about everything imaginable like the arts, farming, education, health care, literature, law and more.


  • Volunteers are expected to work at a minimum of 3 hours a week for 6 months. 
  • We offer a flexible schedule with ability to work from home
  • Free parking
  • Located in Alameda

More information about this volunteer opportunity is available here, or contact Daneen Cline at (510) 227-6956 or