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What is the father's corp?

Established in 2013, the Fathers Corps is a collaboration between First 5 Alameda County, Alameda County Public Health Department, and Alameda County Social Services. The Fathers Corps is a county-wide team of male service providers trained to help strengthen families by engaging fathers in the care and upbringing of their children.

The Fathers Corps is designed to increase involvement of fathers in their children's lives by focusing on factors specific to the needs of men and the challenges they face in fulfilling their role as fathers.  Since June 2014, the Fathers Corps has graduated an energetic team of 49 male Father Engagement Specialists and 15 male Father Engagement Mentors.  After participating, Fathers Corps learning community members reported work-related improvements in a number of areas including increased knowledge of child development; feeling more supported in their work with fathers of young children; and feeling more connected to other male providers in the community.


We are pursuing this work with firm commitment to the mission of the Fathers Corps, i.e., to promote and support fathers and father figures to be meaningfully engaged with their children and families, and to advocate for family service providers to provide father friendly services and to assist fathers in strengthening their parenting skills.  

We are currently recruiting male service providers to become members of the Alameda County Fathers Corps and participate in the fifth community of male services providers. Please click here to view the INVITATION. After reviewing the invitation if you are interested in becoming a member of our team, click here to REGISTER

New Fathers Corps participants who attend at least seven of the ten Fathers Corps trainings will receive an Alameda County Fathers Corps Father Engagement Specialist certificate.  Returning Fathers Corps members who attend at least seven of the ten Fathers Corps trainings will receive an Alameda County Fathers Corps Father Engagement Mentor certificate. Returning members will have the opportunity to expand their roles within the Fathers Corps.    

In addition to participating in professional development on early childhood topics, participants are expected to make good faith efforts to work with their home agencies to adopt and implement the Father Friendly Principles.

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Alameda County Board of Supervisors has adopted our Father Friendly Principles

Read all about the February 2015 official adoption of principles developed by the Alameda County Fathers Corps in the February FYI. 

Read the Official Resolution.


For more information about the Fathers Corps contact Kevin Bremond.


Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment

Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment