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What is the Fathers Corps?

In 2013, the Alameda County Fathers Corps (ACFC) , a collaborative effort between First 5 Alameda County and Alameda County’s Health Care Services Agency and Social Services Agency, was formed to support fathers to be meaningfully engaged with their children and to advocate for father-friendly services.  Our fatherhood work has steadily expanded over the past six years to include a broad approach focused on empowering and supporting:

  • Fathers – by promoting father-friendly and father-specific programming for families in under-resourced, economically vulnerable neighborhoods and partnering with others to fund and enhance programming; by raising up the voices of fathers through listening sessions, interviews, speaker panels, etc.; and by convening fathers at our county-wide Fatherhood Summit to celebrate and honor the critical role fathers play in their families and communities

  • Service providers – by offering learning communities and trainings to enhance provider capacity to engage fathers; by providing safe spaces for learning, peer support, and networking for male providers; and by surveying providers to identify gaps in supports for fathers

  • Agencies - by offering trainings and tools to assist agencies and programs with implementing Father Friendly Principles (FFP)

  • Systems – by convening system leaders through an interagency workgroup that seeks to change policies that create barriers to fathers fully engaging with their children

  • The wider community - by creating a positive narrative around fatherhood so fathers are seen as nurturers and an essential part of the fabric of family and community

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NEW! Fatherhood Group 2022 Resources


Join groups where you can talk with other Dads, just like you, about the challenges, experiences, and joys of Fatherhood.

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Father Friendly Provider Network

The Father-Friendly Provider Network (FFPN) was established in 2018 to provide training to all providers interested in building their capacity to more effectively engage and support fathers and father-figures.  In addition to providing capacity building opportunities, the FFPN  supports FFPN participants with the implementation of the Father-Friendly Principles at their home agencies. 

Father Friendly Provider Network trainings take place on the 3rd Friday every month starting September 16, 2022 - May 19, 2023; 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 

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Fatherhood Partnership

The Purpose of the Fatherhood Partnership is to build the capacity of participating agencies to authentically and effectively engage and support fathers/father-figures by creating and offering father-specific parenting education and support groups and resources. Click HERE to view 2021 Fatherhood Partnership video. (Click HERE to view full length video).

The Fatherhood Partnership trainings take place on the 3rd Thursday every month starting September 15, 2022 - May 18, 2023; 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Dad-scussions is an ongoing virtual series that provides opportunities for Fathers to discuss current topics that matter to them. Click here to to view the 2020 Dad-scussions Recap video.

Join Dad-scussions Thursday, March 23, 2023; 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

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Father-Figures, Mentors and Allies Welcomed!

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Fatherhood Photo Bank

The Alameda County Fathers Corps has built a Digital Photo Bank with downloadable images of Dads being Dads. Too often fathers are not represented in the images we see promoting families. We need your help to change that; these images are now available for you to download and use on your website, and in your collateral materials!

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2022-2023 Fathers Corps Trainings 


September 2022


Father Friendly Provider Network: Structural Racism and its Impact on Families

Presenter: Arnold Chandler

This session will offer a concrete introduction to the meaning of "structural racism". It will provide a historical overview of how ghettos were constructed and how the foundations of contemporary spatial exclusion from opportunity were created. Next it will present a framework that summarizes how structural racism operates to marginalize families across generations.




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Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment

Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment