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What is the Fathers Corps?

Established in 2013, the Fathers Corps is a collaboration between First 5 Alameda County, Alameda County Health Care Services, and Alameda County Social Services


In its seventh year, the Alameda County Fathers Corps (ACFC) remains committed to its mission - to promote and support fathers and father-figures to be meaningfully engaged with their children and families, and to advocate for family service providers to provide father-friendly services and to assist fathers in strengthening their parenting skills. 


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The Fatherhood Summit is about celebrating and honoring the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. The inaugural Fatherhood Summit, hosted by The Fathers Corps  was held March 16, 2019 in at Merritt College, Oakland. The Fatherhood Summit empowers fathers and father figures. The Summit aims to debunk myths and stereotypes around fatherhood and offer workshops that provide critical information and sustainable strategies for strengthening families. The workshops held at the Fatherhood Summit will cover topics such as Fathers’ Rights and Responsibilities, Men’s Health and Wellness, Education Is Power, Exploring the Skills Needed for Today’s Workforce, Strategies for Fathers to Reengage Their Families and Communities, and so much more! Participants leave with the tools and services they need to be successful leaders and contributors in their families and communities.

“The Fatherhood Summit was a fantastic event that far exceeded my expectations. It was a great forum for addressing the challenges faced by fathers of color and wonderfully celebrated the value fathers contribute to society and local communities.”


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Join Fathers Corps!


You are cordially invited to join the Alameda County Fathers Corps (ACFC) as we launch the 2019-20 Father Friendly Provider Network, Fatherhood Partnership, and a modified version of our Learning Community for male service providers. Since 2013, the ACFC has provided capacity building opportunities for Alameda County providers, advocated for services for fathers and father figures, and initiated systems change to ensure fathers are being served and supported in a father-friendly manner . Join us to launch our 7th year of programming to:

  • Receive a concise overview of the ACFC’s work and future plans

  • Understand the 2019-20 Father Friendly Provider Network, Fatherhood Partnership, and Learning Community models

  • Understand how the ACFC will continue its legacy of supporting male service providers and their work with fathers and father-figures

Fathers Corps 2019-20 Learning Community and Father Friendly Provider Network

The ACFC provides free training opportunities to male service providers on a range of topics such as fathers’ roles in supporting child development, trauma’s impact on brain development, parental rights and responsibilities and other topics essential to effective father involvement. The Fathers Corps model is shifting this year. We will continue to provide space specifically for male providers while also extending the reach of the Fathers Corps to include all providers by combining the Learning Community with the Father Friendly Provider Network.  Click the link to access the invitation and more information.


Please share the invitation with service providers in Alameda County who may be interested in joining the Fathers Corps movement.


Fatherhood Partnership

The Fatherhood Partnership (FP) builds the capacity of participants to offer father-specific parenting education and support groups.  Participants are required to begin offering father-specific services by the end of May 2020. 

The ACFC surveyed service providers and interviewed fathers to gain insight into barriers that prevent fathers from being engaged in the lives of their children and to understand what fathers need to be fully engaged parents. The lack of easily accessible support services was identified by both parents and providers. Fathers felt that they were tackling the work of being a good father alone. To address this identified barrier, the Fatherhood Partnership will engage programs and agencies who are currently serving families and interested in offering new services specifically to fathers and father-figures or enhancing their services for fathers and father-figures. Click the link to access the invitation and more information



Watch Video of 2018-19 Fatherhood Partnership Participants HERE!


Fatherhood Photo Bank

The Alameda County Fathers Corps has built a Digital Photo Bank with downloadable images of Dads being Dads. Too often fathers are not represented in the images we see promoting families. We need your help to change that; these images are now available for you to download and use on your website, and in your collateral materials!

Visit the link below to access FREE Fatherhood Images


Fathers Corps Webinar Trainings


May Trainings (NEW!)


Father Friendly Provider Network: Child Support 101

Fatherhood Partnerhip: Acknowledging the Father Wound & how it Impacts Parenting & Service Provision

Father Friendly Provider Network: Current Immigration Policies and Practices

April Trainings


Fatherhood Partnership: Facilitating Healthy Relationships Discussions with Fathers Groups

Father Friendly Provider Network: Exploring How Providers Foster Healthy Relationships Among Parents



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For more information about the Fathers Corps contact Kevin Bremond.


Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment

Father-Friendliness Organization Self-Assessment