Welcome to the 2009-10 Annual Report

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We are excited to present our first web-based Annual Report. 


This report reflects the first year of our 2009-13 Strategic Plan and its revised set of Goals and Outcomes. We present a selection of major results from work completed during July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010. 


Highlight 1: Building Parenting Skills and Confidence through the Parenting Partnership

Highlight 2: Community-Based Support for ECE Providers

Highlight 3: Early Identification and Referral for Developmental and Social-Emotional Concerns

Highlight 4: New and Stronger Community Partnerships Produce Greater Program Impact

Highlight 5: Teachers Continue Learning: College Supports for Early Care and Education Students

Highlight 6: Using Multiple, Integrated Strategies to Improve Children’s Health

Highlight 7: Beyond Just Getting By: Supporting Families’ Financial Fitness



The outcome measures that we monitor year-to-year to track our progress can be found in the 2009-2010 accountability matrix. Where available, we reference comparable national, state, or county indicators.


Most importantly, we are thankful for the close working relationships we have with our Commissioners and community partners, who are essential to the work we do.




Mark Friedman

CEO, First 5 Alameda County


This Annual Report's Main Sections: